4th Gen LT1 F-Body Technical Aids

How To's

~For 1995 F-body unless otherwise noted~

  1. R&R the Power Window Motor
  2. Adjust the Door Window
  3. R&R the Coil
  4. R&R the Ignition Switch
  5. R&R the Fuel Filter
  6. Cam Removal
  7. Cam Install
  8. Valve Spring Swap
  9. Adjusting the Valves and Zero Lash
  10. Requirements for Converting to a Vented Optispark
  11. EGR Description and Testing
  12. Cooling System Operation & Testing
  13. Dealing With The Low Coolant Lamp
  14. Remove the Low Coolant Sensor
  15. Coolant Drain and Refill Procedure
  16. Flush the Heater Core ("no heat" complaint)
  17. Easy Thermostat Changeout
  18. Individual Heater Hose R&R
  19. Throttle Body Bypass 1995-1997
  20. Test Temperature Sensors and Connections
  21. Knock Sensor and Testing
  22. Spark Plug Thread Repair Using an Insert
  23. Flash Trouble Codes on your 1993 F-Body
  24. Adapt a 12 pin OBD-I scanner to your 1995 16 pin DLC
  25. PassKeyII / VATS Operation and Troubleshooting
  26. Obtain Pass Key II / VATS Key Pellet Value
  27. PassKeyII / VATS Key Bypass Diagram
  28. Prove Optispark Signals Are Getting To The Coil
  29. Coil Continuity Test
  30. ICM Cooling Mod
  31. Restore Airflow to the Dashboard Vents
  32. Use a Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
  33. Check Fuel Pressure Problems
  34. Fuel Gauge Operation and Testing
  35. Route Wires through the Firewall
  36. Retrieve Trouble Codes from your BCM (1996-1997)
  37. Program Keyless Entry 1993-1995
  38. Program Keyless Entry 1996-1997
  39. Solve SS Spoiler Conversion ABS/Cruise Control Problems
  40. Access Hidden Accessory Wiring on 1995-96 Camaros
  41. Adjust A4 Transmission Cable
  42. Adjust the A4 Park-Lock Cable (Ignition Key Stuck)
  43. Remove Crankshaft Pulley using a puller
  44. Perform a Compression Test
  45. Find the Differential Gear Ratio (w/inspection cover off)
  46. Check the IAC with an Ohm meter
  47. Reset the IAC Position
  48. Adjust Steering Rack Bearing Preload
  49. Check the Steering Column for Accident Damage
  50. Adjust Parking Brake Free Travel (not very common)
  51. Test the Rear Defogger Grid
  52. Flush and Refill Power Steering System
  53. Make late model wheels fit on your early model 4th gen

updated 9/6/2011

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