This help page will show you how to resolve the problem of not being able to get the key out of the ignition, due to mal-adjustment of the park-lock cable on the F-body with 4L60E auto transmission. This is a more obscure problem, but is easily remedied in just a few steps.

I recommend that you read through the entire procedure before attempting any work. Use any information provided on this page at your own risk.

  • Begin by removing the shifter opening cover plate for easy access to the cable.
  • To do this, you must remove the shifter knob. This is detailed in the first portion of my Accessory Wire Feed page. Click right here to read it and then use your "back" button to come back here.
  • Grab a regular size flat bladed screwdriver for the next step.

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  • Use the screwdriver to pry up the lock button.
  • Once the button is up far enough, the cable can be adjusted.
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  • Moving the nose of the cable connector rearward will let you get the key out if it was stuck toward the RUN position.
  • Once the cable is adjusted, snap the cable lock button back down.
  • Check again to make sure your key works properly with the adjustment complete.
  • Place the shifter opening cover plate back on.
  • Re-install shift knob and return shifter to PARK.
  • That's it! Don't forget to remove any wheel blocks if you used them in the first step.
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