4th Gen LT1 F-Body Technical Aids

Reference Area
(Manuals/Specs/Descriptions, etc.)

~For 1995 F-body unless otherwise noted~

  1. 4th Gen Owner's Manuals (pdf format)
  2. Diagnostic Trouble Codes for OBD-I and OBD-II
  3. Number of Cats, O2s and OBD Info
  4. T56 Service Manual
  5. 1995 LT1 Engine Specs
  6. VIN and engine ID decode
  7. 1995 Alignment Specs
  8. Fastener Torque and Spec Matrix
  9. Intake Manifold Torque Reference
  10. Head Torque Reference
  11. Cam Timing Animation
  12. Crankshaft gear keyway relation to "dot" (& hub arrow)
  13. LT1 Water Pumps Visual Comparison Y, B, F-body
  14. Stock Spark Plug Wire Length
  15. 1995-1997 Optispark front view with cap cylinder terminal location markings
  16. Steam Pipe Seal
  17. Pushrod Guide Plate Comparison
  18. DLC (Data Link Connector) OBD-I (1993-1995)
  19. Data Link Connector (DLC) Wiring - All Years
  20. 1995 R.A.P. (Retained Accessory Power) Functions
  21. OBD Verification Info Label
  22. Piston Ring Gap Placement
  23. Throttle Body Top/Bottom Gasket Kit
  24. Emission Hose Routing
  25. Accessory Drive Belt Routing
  26. A/C Performance Chart
  27. Tire Rotation
  28. Rear Caliper Mounting Plate Shim
  29. Transmission Mount Dimension Comparison
  30. Ratech Solid Pinion Spacer
  31. Hotchkis Rear Spring Height Compared to Stock
  32. 1993-1997 Temp Gauges
  33. Modified Front, Lower Spring Seat for Hal Shock
  34. Limited Slip Additive
  35. 4th Gen F-body Year Difference Info for Conversions (pdf)

updated 5/11/2016

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