4th Gen LT1 F-Body Technical Aids

Exploded Views

~For 1995 F-body unless otherwise noted~

  1. LT1 Front Cutaway Drawing
  2. Starter Mounting and Drive Gear Mesh
  3. Front Suspension Exploded View
  4. Rack and Pinion Exploded View
  5. Inner Tie Rod Assembly
  6. Steering Column Exploded View
  7. Power Steering System Component View
  8. Camaro Front End Sheet Metal
  9. Z28 Front Bumper Exploded View
  10. Z28 Rear Bumper Exploded View
  11. Wiper Motor and Linkage Exploded View
  12. 1994-1996 Z28 Console Exploded View
  13. HVAC System Vacuum
  14. Radiator Exploded View
  15. Radiator Mounting Exploded View
  16. Radiator Hoses 1993-1994 Exploded View
  17. Heater Hoses 1993-1994 Exploded View
  18. Radiator Hoses 1995-1997 Exploded View
  19. Heater Hoses 1995-1997 Exploded View
  20. Engine Oil Cooler Exploded View
  21. EVAP System Components (pre 1996)
  22. EVAP 1993-1995 Exploded View
  23. EVAP 1996-1997 Exploded View
  24. A/C System Exploded View
  25. A/C Compressor Mounting
  26. Accessory Mounting Bracket
  27. AIR Pump Recall Components
  28. AIR Pump pipes and
    EGR pipe Exploded Views

  29. 1993 AIR and EGR piping
  30. EGR system (1994-1997)
  31. Intake Manifold Mounting Exploded View
  32. Cylinder Head Mounting Exploded View
  33. Oil Pump Drive Mounting Exploded View
  34. Valve Cover Mounting Exploded View
  35. Rocker Arm and Pushrod Exploded View
  36. Valve Lifter Assembly Exploded View
  37. Water Pump Assembly Mounting Exploded View
  38. Optispark Venting Diagram
  39. Optispark Mounting Exploded View (vented)
  40. Coil and ICM Mounting Exploded View
  41. Engine Front Cover Exploded View w/additional info
  42. Crank Pulley/Hub
  43. Oil Pan Mounting Exploded View
  44. Fuel Rail 1993 Exploded View
  45. Fuel Rail 1994-1997 Exploded View
  46. Throttle Body 1993 Exploded View
  47. Throttle Body 1994-1997 Partial Exploded View
  48. 1993 TV (throttle valve) cable (with part numbers)
  49. 4L60E Gear Selector Lever Shaft Seal
  50. Brake Pipes and Hoses (non-TCS)
  51. Front Brake Pipes w/specs (non-TCS)
  52. Rear Brake Pipes w/specs (non-TCS)
  53. Rear Disc Brake Mounting
  54. Rear Disc Brake Hose
  55. Rear Caliper Exploded View
  56. Rear Caliper Mounting Plate Shim
  57. Rear Drum Brake Exploded view
  58. Exhaust System Exploded View 1993-1995 (single cat)
  59. Exhaust System Exploded View 95 RPO NB6 & 96-97 (dual cat)
  60. Convertible Top Pump

updated 6/23/2015

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