4th Gen LT1 F-Body Technical Aids

Component Location Views

~For 1995 F-body unless otherwise noted~

  1. Clickable Visual Reference for Front End Devices/Sensors
  2. TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
  3. PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve
  4. PCV Pipe Connections
  5. IAC (Idle Air Control) valve
  6. EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) components
  7. ICM (Ignition Control Module) and

  8. Coil Connectors
  9. ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) Sensor for PCM
  10. ECT Sensor for Temperature Gauge
  11. IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor
  12. MAP (Manifold Absoluter Pressure) Sensor
  13. MAP Sensor Seal
  14. MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor
  15. Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Pump
  16. KS (Knock Sensor)
  17. KS Close Up
  18. LT1 & LT4 Knock Sensor Modules
  19. HO2S (Heated Oxygen Sensor)
  20. VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor-A4)
  21. EVAP (Evaporative Emission)
    Canister Purge Solenoid Valve

  22. Low Oil Level Sensor
  23. Oil Pressure Sensor Location
  24. Oil Pressure Sensor Detail
  25. Auxiliary Oil Passage Port
  26. Oil Pump Drive Shaft
  27. Oil Pump and Windage Tray
  28. Starter
  29. Battery Cable Ground on Engine Block
  30. PCM/Sensor Ground Above Starter
  31. Rear Main Seal and Housing
  32. 4L60E Transmission Line Pressure Plug
  33. Accelerator Stop Screw
  34. Fuel Pressure Regulator and Shrader Valve
  35. Fuel Pump Prime Connector
  36. Fuel Pump Relay
  37. A4 radiator
  38. 160 Thermostat
  39. 180 Thermostat
  40. Coolant Bleeder Screws
  41. Low Coolant Sensor
  42. Block Coolant Drain Plug
  43. Radiator Drain Valve
  44. Accessory Bracket
  45. A.I.R. Check Valves
  46. A.I.R. Bleed Valve
  47. VIN Derivative Stamped on Engine Block
    & Transmission

  48. VIN and engine ID decode
  49. Optispark Electrical Harness Connection
  50. Vacuum Source for Optispark, Brake Booster, EGR
  51. Optispark Vacuum Hose w/valves
  52. Optispark Vacuum Harness Connections at Optispark
  53. 1993-1994 Optispark Drive Mechanism
  54. 1995-1997 Optispark Drive Mechanism
  55. 1995-1997 Optispark front view with cap cylinder terminal location markings
  56. Optispark Optical Pickup and Shutter Wheel with number one location noted
  57. Crankshaft Hub
  58. Vacuum Check Valve (HVAC)
  59. Vacuum Tank (HVAC) and Horns
  60. Vacuum Tank Connection Close-Up
  61. A/C Housing Drain Hole
  62. A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor
  63. 1LE intake elbow (bottom view)
  64. Front Wheel Hub Assembly
  65. Fusible Links
  66. Front Turn Signal Lens Access
  67. Ignition and Dimmer Switches
  68. Driver's side Air Bag Connector
  69. VATS connector at base of Steering Column
  70. Flashers (turn & hazard),
    Audio Alarm Module (dinger),
    Horn Relay

  71. Instrument Cluster (rear) and Bulbs
  72. Odometer/Trip Odometer Assembly
  73. Trip Odometer Gear
  74. Door window regulator operation video clip (3.09 MB .wmv)
  75. Power Lock Assembly (inside door)
  76. Cruise Control Wiring Connections at MFL
  77. Cruise Control Module
  78. ABS Motor Electrical Connections
  79. R.A.P. (Retained Accessory Power) Module
  80. High Blower Relay
  81. Power Window Express Down Module
  82. Keyless Entry receiver
  83. Differential Pinion Shaft
  84. Ash Tray Spring
  85. Master Cylinder Moved for Shock Bolt Removal
  86. A4 Shifter
  87. Rear Caliper View 1
  88. Rear Caliper View 2
  89. Rear Caliper View 3
  90. Rear Caliper View 4
  91. Right Front Caliper-Rear View
  92. Motor Mounts

updated 12/7/2017

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